Good deeds.

We are in a financially stable position that enabled us to take in a stray pregnant cat. We named her Xena. On October 15, 2019 Xena gave birth to five kittens. All five are thriving. We are keeping Xena, and if circumstances allow possibly one or two kittens, but most likely we will be adopting them out as soon as they are fully weaned from their mother.

We can’t save all of the stray cats in the world, but we are able to save this one.

Happy November.

I’m slowly but surely finding my way back to me – and . I’ve lost so much of myself in the last decade, so much that I didn’t even realize how much of me was gone until I began the arduous process of putting myself back together.

One thing I never lost sight of? My family. And it’s the little things, like Happy Monthing each other (this month’s winner is a toss-up between Dan, through a proxy; and Ryan), that remind me of how important my family is. Family is everything. Family: I love you guys! ♥

Happy November!

P.S. It feels so awkward/weird/good/amazing to blog!