Every day I’m strugglin’.

(Sing this blog entry title to the tune of the LMFAO’s song Party Rock Anthem, in particular this line: “every day I’m shufflin'”)

Depression has been steadily creeping up on me. The severity of it hit me last week, when I realized just how happy and at peace I should be, but aren’t. And so I started confiding in people: my doctor (who increased my Cymbalta, since its SNRI properties can be an effective anti-depressant), my IOP therapist (who will be having a phone session with me next week), even my probation officer. And now I’m telling the internets, because why not? Depression isn’t shameful. It doesn’t make you not enough of something. Depression tells you you aren’t enough, but depression lies.

I’ve worked hard to get where I am, and I’m going to work harder to overcome. I won’t let depression win (though so far, it’s had a good run at kicking my ass and reducing me to an apathetic, listless, despairing mess).

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  1. Depression sucks, it’s been kicking my ass lately as well, anxiety too. I am on Cymbalta as well, it was working great for my depression and anxiety but next to nothing for my fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy. I am thinking I might need an increase as well. I hope your increase helps you. You’re right depression isn’t shameful and it does lie. I am glad to hear you won’t let depression win! I just keep reminding myself I have beaten it before and I will again! <3

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