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  • Three years clean

    Today, January 19th, 2022, is my three years clean date. I won’t go into detail as to where I was on January 19th, 2019, but let’s just say it was the launch of Rock Bottom. I’ll always be in chronic pain, and I’ll always need medication to make the pain tolerable. But thanks to my […]

  • Where have I been for the last four and a half years?

    With the literal dawning of a new year, it’s time to address the opiate-addicted, shoplifting, felony-convicted, chaotic hot mess of an elephant in the room: what all has been happening in my life since 2017. In June of 2017 we lost our home. The truth is, it wasn’t a sudden thing – though the homelessness […]

  • 2021: Year in review

    2021 was a pretty slow year, with the most action happening in the summer and fall. COVID-19 is kind of making weeks run together, and I can’t believe we’re going into our third year of it. January: organized my kitchen, celebrated three years clean from opiate abuse. February: discovered 1000-Lb. Sisters. March: burned a decent […]

  • 2021’s top nine Instagram posts

    Unsurprisingly, all but two were cat-related. Then again, the overwhelming majority of my posts are cat-related, so it’s not like I give my friends and followers and random drive-by likers a lot to choose from, eh? Starting from top left and going horizontal: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenn Foreacre (@kissmykitty) […]

  • Morals, and the lack thereof

    Oddly enough, Netflix’s Dope inspired this blog post. I’m trying to live a better life these days. Instead of living up to certain standards because it is what is expected of me, I’m instead trying to do the right things for the right reasons. Because it’s your reasons that often matter as much as the […]

  • Authenticity

    I can’t emphasize enough how important I feel it is to do the right thing for the right reason. Don’t just do the next right thing (a quote I heard at rehab). Do the next right thing because you want to do what is right. Empty gestures and insincere motions will only carry you so […]

  • It’s your symphony.

    My mom is upset with me for being unavailable to “face the music” when she breaks the news to my youngest brother, A, that the belongings he had stored in her apartment were disposed of. This is taking place tonight, when she picks him up from the airport at midnight (he’s flying in from Job […]

  • Burned bridges

    Tonight my mother endured a long phone call with my middle brother, Y. Y is both schizophrenic (delusional / delusions of grandeur) and a complete asshole. The former makes him difficult, but it’s the latter that makes him impossible. In any given situation, he makes himself out to be the hero or the victim. And […]

  • It is not my fault.

    For reasons I won’t get into, in October of this year my mother had to move out of her apartment – it was an eviction. She had another apartment lined up to move into, but because the tenant of that apartment refused to leave and was causing a mess of legal issues for the management […]

  • Carry your own bag

    For most of my life, really for as long as I can remember, even going back to my early teenage years, for any given bad situation, whether it be an overdue bill, a looming shut-off notice, an arrest warrant, medical issues, familial issues with one or both of my brothers, even the possibility of a […]