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  • Ex-nay on the ast-lay ost-pay; Draco is sick.

    Scratch (like a cat scratch? Get it? I’m so witty. *insert eyeroll here*) my last post. Draco had two more (at least) seizures between my last post and now. Fortunately, in the world of rescue, TNR, and foster, we all kind of scratch one another’s backs. Alyssa and I are the go-tos for fostering, so […]

  • Draco had a grand mal seizure.

    Tonight I heard Draco, one of our two foster-fail[01]This is the term for an animal initially designated as foster-to-adoption that ended up being sniped by the fosterers because they fell in love special-needs[02]neuro issues kittens who is experiencing post-op post-Coccidia and post-Panleukopenia (yes, both boys survived both often-fatal diseases – and Panleuk has a 92% fatality in […]