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  • It’s your symphony.

    My mom is upset with me for being unavailable to “face the music” when she breaks the news to my youngest brother, A, that the belongings he had stored in her apartment were disposed of. This is taking place tonight, when she picks him up from the airport at midnight (he’s flying in from Job […]

  • Burned bridges

    Tonight my mother endured a long phone call with my middle brother, Y. Y is both schizophrenic (delusional / delusions of grandeur) and a complete asshole. The former makes him difficult, but it’s the latter that makes him impossible. In any given situation, he makes himself out to be the hero or the victim. And […]

  • It is not my fault.

    For reasons I won’t get into, in October of this year my mother had to move out of her apartment – it was an eviction. She had another apartment lined up to move into, but because the tenant of that apartment refused to leave and was causing a mess of legal issues for the management […]