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  • 2021: Year in review

    2021 was a pretty slow year, with the most action happening in the summer and fall. COVID-19 is kind of making weeks run together, and I can’t believe we’re going into our third year of it. January: organized my kitchen, celebrated three years clean from opiate abuse. February: discovered 1000-Lb. Sisters. March: burned a decent […]

  • 2021’s top nine Instagram posts

    Unsurprisingly, all but two were cat-related. Then again, the overwhelming majority of my posts are cat-related, so it’s not like I give my friends and followers and random drive-by likers a lot to choose from, eh? Starting from top left and going horizontal: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenn Foreacre (@kissmykitty) […]

  • Draco had a grand mal seizure.

    Tonight I heard Draco, one of our two foster-fail[01]This is the term for an animal initially designated as foster-to-adoption that ended up being sniped by the fosterers because they fell in love special-needs[02]neuro issues kittens who is experiencing post-op post-Coccidia and post-Panleukopenia (yes, both boys survived both often-fatal diseases – and Panleuk has a 92% fatality in […]

  • Nyx is being adopted!

    One of our foster kittens, Nyx, is being adopted today! I’m kind of afraid to say anything about it ahead of time for fear of jinxing things, but on the other hand, the adoption seems like SUCH a sure thing – the adopter in question seems like as much of a crazy cat lady as […]

  • Rest in peace, Ziggy

    The heartbreaking aspect of fostering kittens is the same heart necessary to open your home and arms to them will break with every loss. Ziggy is our latest loss. While we know that a whopping 60 percent of second-surge kittens will not survive, even if they are brought indoors and raised with the best of […]