Nyx is being adopted!

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Nyx, 14 week old Russian Blue foster kitten

One of our foster kittens, Nyx, is being adopted today! I’m kind of afraid to say anything about it ahead of time for fear of jinxing things, but on the other hand, the adoption seems like SUCH a sure thing – the adopter in question seems like as much of a crazy cat lady as we are! He is so excited to meet her and bring her into his family that just thinking about our conversation puts a smile on my face. I can feel the love oozing from his words, you know? So about Nyx: Nyx is a very sweet 14ish week Russian Blue who came to us after being found in the wheel well of a vehicle on a particularly cold morning in November. She spent her first few days unhinging her face and screaming at anyone and anything that came near her, but she has since quieted down and discovered that she loves nothing more than to sit in your lap or on you. Seriously, she’s happiest when she is adhered to you, purring away for hours. Not surprisingly, she is in my lap right now.

Godspeed, little Nyxy. Mommy is so happy for you! ♥

P.S. This is our first official straight-to-home adoption! Usually our fosters go from us to rescues or adoption centers. Squee!

♥ Jenn
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