The kitten adoption was a success!

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So Nyx’s adoption was a success! We drove just 22 miles to meet her daddy-to-be while he drove a good 70, so we didn’t mind waiting around for a bit we he stopped for cat food, litter, and some treats for her and even some for us, too (thank you). After he got her home and settled he sent me updates and photos that explained and showed that she very quickly settled in and took right to her new humans as if they had always been her humans. Like, she literally walked out of the carrier and waltzed up to one of the kids and hopped in her lap, then went to sleep with the other. Audacious little bitch. I love it. ♥ No but all expletives aside, I’m truly happy that Nyx and her hooman family of four are all so smitten with one another. Such a perfect match on the first go is a rarity, and we managed to nail it from an online connection!

♥ Jenn
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