Ex-nay on the ast-lay ost-pay; Draco is sick.

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Scratch (like a cat scratch? Get it? I’m so witty. *insert eyeroll here*) my last post. Draco had two more (at least) seizures between my last post and now. Fortunately, in the world of rescue, TNR, and foster, we all kind of scratch one another’s backs. Alyssa and I are the go-tos for fostering, so in turn we can ring people for urgent medical help. In less than three minutes I secured a same-day appointment for Draco. In the next couple of hours, after low-cost spay/neuter surgeries wrap up, we’ll be getting a text letting us know to bring him in, and then hopefully we’ll get answers. My money’s on a repeat infection of Coccidia. As we already know from Tetris, seizures can be present in up to 30 or so percent of cases, and Coccidia itself can be present itself without the presence of diarrhea (meaning your cats (and dogs and rats and even cattle and oh, by the way, even humans) can have it without you knowing). It just so happens that Draco’s seizures are grand mal, while Tetris’s were the not-so-terrifying-to-observe focal.

Regardless of the Why, I just want to know What Do We Do: treat or euthanize?. Because more than anything, the most important factor here is QUALITY OF LIFE. Sometimes there is a fate worse than death.

♥ Jenn
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