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Our household caught COVID-19. We traced our probable exposure to my brother, A, who chose not remain unvaccinated. Alyssa and I spent the week of August 14th – August 18th with my mother and brother, and on August 15th we picked up my brother from work early because he wasn’t feeling well – feverish, chills, headache, body aches. On August 19th, Alyssa’s symptoms slammed into her out of nowhere – high fever, intense headache and body aches. August 20th, I was down. August 21st, down went Dan. August 22nd, bye Ryan. During that time period we all tested positive, and because my mother and brother were at my house, I was able to test and confirm their positives, too.

Obviously we can’t say with 100% confirmation that it’s my brother’s fault we caught COVID. But there’s this: we’ve gone the entire pandemic without getting sick. We ditched masks months ago and have been fine. Yet my brother’s co-worker is out sick two weeks ago, and then my brother gets sick, and suddenly we get sick? Hmm. Kinda sus. Eh. But I forgive A. He’s my brother, after all, and I love him. ♥

After a week and a half, one trip to the ER’s Urgent Care section for Zofran and fluids (Alyssa), a shit-ton of DayQuil and NyQuil (all of us), and copious amounts of vomiting (Daniel), we’re all feeling better.

♥ Jenn
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