The kayakaccidents continue

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Alyssa is zero for three with this kayak.

First, the very day she went to get it, she locked her keys in the car, There went $150 to a locksmith.

That night, the infamous kayakcident that required police rescue.

Then, a few days ago, this happened. As I type this, I’m waiting for a new windshield, to the tune of $386 (the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the repair bill :/ ), to be installed.

♥ Jenn

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  • Sarah says:

    It’s never ending for you lately!! Is she at least covering the cost?

    • Jenn (admin) says:

      She is, which is why I didn’t flip my shit, to the surprise of my brother. But like I told him, her forking out first $150 for the locksmith, then her dignity to the police and fire rescue personnel, and now the $386 for the windshield, is more than sufficient. Besides, there’s no need to yell. Mistakes were made. Lessons were learned. What’s the point in yelling? I have my moments where I do. But the nearly $500 she’s paid out has made its point here, I think.

      I do feel bad though. Kayaking should be fun, not costly. :/

  • Deanna says:

    Oh no! I hope there aren’t anymore kayak mishaps! Hopefully lessons will be learned and next year won’t be so expense. Life with teenagers sounds exciting haha.

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