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I’m taking four classes this semester: two web design, and two computer systems classes. The web design classes are easy and I’m flying through the material; but in contrast, the two computer systems classes are actually challenging me with new information, so I have to pay attention, study, and study some more.

I’m embarrassed to admit that studying is hard for me, because I never learned how to. I was always in gifted classes and still buzzed right through all of my subjects. This, in contrast, is not nearly as easy. It has been two lessons: humility and learning how to study in order to learn.

I didn’t mean to go a month without blogging, but that’s how involved I’ve been with these two harder classes!

♥ Jenn
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  • Kadie says:

    Studying is something I have never been good at. I love learning but I have to learn on my own time, at my own pace and how I learn best, hands on.

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