Even a crazy rescue cat lady’s good deeds do not go unpunished.

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My intentions with cat rescue are 100 percent purely to save cats: to provide them with a better life, tailored for each individual cat. For some cats that means TNR. For others, being brought indoors, vetted, and adopted out or sent to a rescue. For still others, euthanasia. It all depends on the cat. But no matter what, my heart and my goals with cat rescue are always aligned with one thing in sight: provide a better quality of life for any cat that strays (get it?) my way. So to be accused of anything other than doing my best for cats with the best of intentions is both shocking and hurtful, even though I have been forewarned and know from hearing of and reading the experiences of others that there will always be baseless accusations and drama bantered about. Even though I knew that inevitably there would be something slung my way, it was still a shock when it happened, especially since ultimately I incurred the undeserved wrath of another rescuer over…you guessed it…the root of all evil: $$$.

Here is what happened (dates are bolded for relevancy):

On January 1, 2022, in a local neighborhood Facebook group, I re-introduced myself as the local crazy cat lady who had taken 30+ cats out of the neighborhood via TNR and rescue, and asked for donations in the form of supplies – cat food, cat litter, bedding, cleaning and disinfecting products, etc. I emphasized that we would appreciate anything offered in the spirit of a donation for the care of the cats in our care currently as well as any coming into our care in the future. I also clarified that I was not asking for any cash donations; I simply would appreciate any items in the categories I had listed (food, litter, bedding, cleaning, disinfecting, etc.).
In this post I also shared photos and descriptions of our current soon-to-be-available-for-adoption kittens (3) and currently-available-for-adoption kittens (3).

On January 2, 2022, a woman, E, contacted me to express interest in my adoptable kittens. But the conversation turned to a sick kitten she knew of. We ended up meeting on this day in order for her to give me this sick kitten to evaluate and treat. She also gave me a $200 Visa gift card as a donation for my rescue efforts. It is important to note that this gift card was a donation, and not an adoption payment or anything of the sort (FWIW I do not charge an adoption fee for any kitten or cat I adopt out; I simply ask for an item donation towards the cats in my care, and that can be whatever a person feels comfortable giving). I was floored by the amount and initially refused it, but she insisted I take it. So I did.

On January 3, 2022, the sick kitten passed away (he was starving and depleted of red blood cells from fleas; all I was able to do for him was comfort/palliative care). E informed me there were siblings – three, to be exact, plus their mother. I knew that if these four were left were they were (outdoors), the kittens would surely die, as Mama would not be able to adequately care for herself and them in the increasingly cold temperatures. So I asked E to meet up with me so I could take custody of them in order to get the mother cat TNRed, and to get the kittens indoors, vetted, and hopefully put up for adoption. This was accomplished by 10:00am that morning.

Later that day I was introduced to M, an experienced rescuer who lives about 40 miles away from me. Our introduction happened through a mutual rescuer. It was M who was given my number, and M who called me. We spent about an hour on the phone, during which I told M our story: how we are not vets or vet techs or even a registered rescue; that we simply TNR and rescue strays who come our way, and that we operate as a sort of “safe landing” for stray cats until I can find them rescues or homes. During our conversation I mentioned the deceased kitten, his very-much-alive siblings, and his mother. M expressed interest in taking the three kittens for her rescue, because, and I quote, “I have a waitlist of adopters who want kittens!” She told me how much she charges per kitten, and her discount for two, and how her rates piss off other rescues in her area because she undercuts them. I was simply relieved to have found a rescue for three kittens within mere hours of receiving them into my home, and we made arrangements for her to get the kittens the next day.

Cue January 4, 2022. It was on this day that E got in touch with M to see how the kittens were doing, and I guess in passing E, not realizing that M was her own “entity” with her own rescue and I’m my own “entity” as such, asked M if the gift card was able to help her out…well, M entirely flipped her fucking shit…at me. I realize this all sounds kind of convoluted, so the bottom line is this:

  • 01/02/22: I was given a $200 cash donation that I did not ask for to help me with my cat rescuing efforts.
  • 01/03/22: Another rescuer introduces herself to me and insists on taking three kittens I have for her own rescue.
  • 01/04/22: This rescuer finds out I was given a gift card 24 hours before I knew of her existence and insists that the gift card belongs to HER and HER rescue since SHE has the kittens I gave her.

Am I wrong for thinking she is wrong? That gift card was given to me as a donation for MY efforts with MY rescuing. Furthermore, if M wants to play it that way, shouldn’t I be sending M an invoice for the vetting I did on those three kittens? There’s food, litter, KMR, kitty milk, vaccines, de-wormer, Revolution, topical flea spray, etc.

Ultimately, my text messages were blown up with all sorts of accusations about me being a thief and a scammer and a fraud and she threatened to “out” me and supposedly so and so people and such and such vet advised her to out me and cut me off and not accept kittens from me and so on and so forth…

I won’t lie: I cried. I was really, really, REALLY upset. This completely broadsided me, and again, I operate on the purest of intentions when it comes to helping cats. I am honest and transparent, and the accusations were shocking and hurtful. Her entire attitude was disgustingly abrasive, too, which didn’t help matters. And, we have mutual rescuers who know and work with both of us, so I was also understandably worried that they might take sides (and there shouldn’t BE sides!) and not want to have anything to do with me – which forget hurting me, it would ultimately hurt catsand at the end of the day that’s all that matters: the cats.


It’s been a few days now since all this took place, and as far as I know the dust has settled. I haven’t contacted M or E (who M convinced to call the police to report me for fraud?! Fortunately the police basically politely told her to fuck off!), and I don’t plan on it. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing: rescuing cats.


♥ Jenn

Ex-nay on the ast-lay ost-pay; Draco is sick.

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Scratch (like a cat scratch? Get it? I’m so witty. *insert eyeroll here*) my last post. Draco had two more (at least) seizures between my last post and now. Fortunately, in the world of rescue, TNR, and foster, we all kind of scratch one another’s backs. Alyssa and I are the go-tos for fostering, so in turn we can ring people for urgent medical help. In less than three minutes I secured a same-day appointment for Draco. In the next couple of hours, after low-cost spay/neuter surgeries wrap up, we’ll be getting a text letting us know to bring him in, and then hopefully we’ll get answers. My money’s on a repeat infection of Coccidia. As we already know from Tetris, seizures can be present in up to 30 or so percent of cases, and Coccidia itself can be present itself without the presence of diarrhea (meaning your cats (and dogs and rats and even cattle and oh, by the way, even humans) can have it without you knowing). It just so happens that Draco’s seizures are grand mal, while Tetris’s were the not-so-terrifying-to-observe focal.

Regardless of the Why, I just want to know What Do We Do: treat or euthanize?. Because more than anything, the most important factor here is QUALITY OF LIFE. Sometimes there is a fate worse than death.

♥ Jenn
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Draco had a grand mal seizure.

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Tonight I heard Draco, one of our two foster-fail[01] special-needs[02] kittens who is experiencing post-op post-Coccidia and post-Panleukopenia (yes, both boys survived both often-fatal diseases – and Panleuk has a 92% fatality in unvaccinated kittens younger than six months!), tumble down our last couple of stairs. I ran down to check him, and found him in the throes of a grand mal seizure. I’ve seen humans have seizures, and I’ve seen Tetris, our other special-needs FFer have focal seizures (his were especially pitiful, because he’d lose control of his legs, stiffen up, and fall over into Daniel’s lap; or the few times he wasn’t able to catch him, off of his desk onto the floor), but I’ve never seen a cat have a huge grand mal seizure (a friend of mine, though, yes, and I’ve been there for a few of them). I scooped him up and set him down on the kitchen floor, where Alyssa and I stayed with him throughout the duration, which seemed to drag on and on, and on and on, and on some more. In reality the seizure was probably over in a minute, but it felt like minutes. Poor Draco. He was completely drained, banged up from the fall, and exhausted, and you could tell he was so confused, and so, so scared. Once he was able to breathe easily again, he cried, and then he whimpered. But amazingly, he didn’t urinate, defecate, or vomit, and after a little while, his whimpering subsided, he was able to sit up, and he gave us a few weak “wahs”, which are a little game we do with him. Hearing those shaky but normal little Draco “wah”s made us both tear up, I think, even if Alyssa won’t admit it (heck, she might).

Needless to say, if Draco didn’t already have a vet appointment in the coming days to confirm the exact cause of his neurological issues (back leg weakness and wobbliness), we’d be scheduling one. Even when you’re prepared for the possibility of a seizure, they are still scary as fuck to witness – worse still when you’re feeling it happen from a slight 6ish pound cat violently shaking in your arms!

Draco is the handsome Russian Blue



01 This is the term for an animal initially designated as foster-to-adoption that ended up being sniped by the fosterers because they fell in love
02 neuro issues
♥ Jenn
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The kitten adoption was a success!

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So Nyx’s adoption was a success! We drove just 22 miles to meet her daddy-to-be while he drove a good 70, so we didn’t mind waiting around for a bit we he stopped for cat food, litter, and some treats for her and even some for us, too (thank you). After he got her home and settled he sent me updates and photos that explained and showed that she very quickly settled in and took right to her new humans as if they had always been her humans. Like, she literally walked out of the carrier and waltzed up to one of the kids and hopped in her lap, then went to sleep with the other. Audacious little bitch. I love it. ♥ No but all expletives aside, I’m truly happy that Nyx and her hooman family of four are all so smitten with one another. Such a perfect match on the first go is a rarity, and we managed to nail it from an online connection!

♥ Jenn
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Nyx is being adopted!

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Nyx, 14 week old Russian Blue foster kitten

One of our foster kittens, Nyx, is being adopted today! I’m kind of afraid to say anything about it ahead of time for fear of jinxing things, but on the other hand, the adoption seems like SUCH a sure thing – the adopter in question seems like as much of a crazy cat lady as we are! He is so excited to meet her and bring her into his family that just thinking about our conversation puts a smile on my face. I can feel the love oozing from his words, you know? So about Nyx: Nyx is a very sweet 14ish week Russian Blue who came to us after being found in the wheel well of a vehicle on a particularly cold morning in November. She spent her first few days unhinging her face and screaming at anyone and anything that came near her, but she has since quieted down and discovered that she loves nothing more than to sit in your lap or on you. Seriously, she’s happiest when she is adhered to you, purring away for hours. Not surprisingly, she is in my lap right now.

Godspeed, little Nyxy. Mommy is so happy for you! ♥

P.S. This is our first official straight-to-home adoption! Usually our fosters go from us to rescues or adoption centers. Squee!

♥ Jenn
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Rest in peace, Ziggy

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Ziggy (B&W)

The heartbreaking aspect of fostering kittens is the same heart necessary to open your home and arms to them will break with every loss. Ziggy is our latest loss. While we know that a whopping 60 percent of second-surge kittens will not survive, even if they are brought indoors and raised with the best of care (check and check), we didn’t see it coming with Ziggy. Here I’ve been so worried about his sister, because for a while she was the smallest of the litter. Yet her robust half-brother (we suspect same father) and equally robust brother both die, and only two weeks ago their mother succumbed to FIV complications.

And then, yesterday, regrettably alone, Ziggy died.

Ziggy was sweet, very outgoing, a fan of kneading and nipples, and was definitely growing into a lap kitty. He will be missed. He will never be forgotten. His life was short but as good as we could make it, and most importantly, his life mattered.

Ziggy yawning

♥ Jenn
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