New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2021 is just a few minutes away from being over. I’ve been spending it coding, and I’m staying up only because I offered the local neighborhood free rides home in case anyone is inebriated. It’s my good deed for the day. Good things have been done for us, and besides doing for the cats in the community, I want to give back to people, too. Tired as I am, I’d rather spend the time and gas driving a few miles round-trip rather than risk someone hurting themselves or someone else, and/or incurring damage to vehicles and property, and/or upending their lives with expensive legal woes all because of celebrations. It has been a rather long but short, mundane but stressful, good but bad, bad but good, overwhelming but tedious kind of year.

Here is to a better 2022 for all of us. Cheers! 🥳

♥ Jenn
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