Rest in peace, Ziggy

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Ziggy (B&W)

The heartbreaking aspect of fostering kittens is the same heart necessary to open your home and arms to them will break with every loss. Ziggy is our latest loss. While we know that a whopping 60 percent of second-surge kittens will not survive, even if they are brought indoors and raised with the best of care (check and check), we didn’t see it coming with Ziggy. Here I’ve been so worried about his sister, because for a while she was the smallest of the litter. Yet her robust half-brother (we suspect same father) and equally robust brother both die, and only two weeks ago their mother succumbed to FIV complications.

And then, yesterday, regrettably alone, Ziggy died.

Ziggy was sweet, very outgoing, a fan of kneading and nipples, and was definitely growing into a lap kitty. He will be missed. He will never be forgotten. His life was short but as good as we could make it, and most importantly, his life mattered.

Ziggy yawning

♥ Jenn
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