Month: September 2022

The kayakaccidents continue

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Alyssa is zero for three with this kayak.

First, the very day she went to get it, she locked her keys in the car, There went $150 to a locksmith.

That night, the infamous kayakcident that required police rescue.

Then, a few days ago, this happened. As I type this, I’m waiting for a new windshield, to the tune of $386 (the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the repair bill :/ ), to be installed.

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Another thing to worry about

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That is the sound of my brain melting down

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One of my classes, CIS 222, is all about learning Windows Server 2019. Prior to this class, how much did I know about Windows Server 2019? This much:

Still, I’m determined to learn, and learn as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I’m a week in, and most of my notes are a mess of headlines and screenshots that look like this:

I’m proud to say I’m three chapters in, I still don’t know shit about fuck, but I’m making progress!

♥ Jenn
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Is this thing on?

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Are people even blogging nowadays? Hello? *taps mic*

Do me a favor and drop links in the comments – links to your blogs, and blogs you read. I’m looking to follow personal bloggers! Thanks. 🙂

♥ Jenn
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Confession: I am a terrible student

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I am a terrible student in that I do not know how to study. Learning always came easily to me, and I was always in honors-level classes, and even then, learning came easily. I never had to study. I just…readily absorbed.

Fast forward to now: I’m tackling subjects that aren’t rocket science, by any stretch of the imagination. But they are new. And so they require studying in order for me to retain and grasp the material. And since I never had to study, I never learned how to study, and so I’m terrible at studying.

I’ve got a system that is working well, so far, but I’m open to advice. What I’m doing is not only reading assigned material, but re-writing it in OneNote, re-reading those notes, and then reviewing the material in both optional and mandatory assignments…twice. I’ll do it once with notes, and then the second time without notes.

It sucks to be struggling, to be perfectly honest with you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my grades are great (4.0 GPA last semester, and I hope for the same this semester; my goal is a 95% or better in each class), but it sucks to have to actually work at it. It’s…foreign.

♥ Jenn
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My get up and go got up and got sick.

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First and foremost, Happy September! Daniel and I have been playing Happy [Month]! with each other for almost the entire duration of our relationship (now 22 years and 16 days), and Alyssa and Ryan joined in once they were old enough to understand. We’ve had some pretty creative endeavors and attempts over the years, most notably when Dan recently attempted to place executables on our computers that, unfortunately, did not deploy at midnight like they were supposed to. Still, A for effort.

Ryan and I got each other at the same time last night. Right as I crept around the corner of my bedroom I heard his typing cease, and then both of us shouted, “Happy September!” at the same time. I think I said it slightly sooner, and Dan does, too, but whatever. It’s not that serious, so we called it a tie and both claimed the win. My best win ever, however, was lying on a hospital gurney, suffering from horrifically painful sepsis from a perforated duodenal (small intestine) ulcer, about to be rushed into emergency life-saving surgery, and I managed to whisper to Dan, “One…last…thing…Happy August!” as they were wheeling me through the doors to the operating room. I’m nothing if not committed.

So, COVID. We’re over it and feeling much better, except we’re all just so tired. Ryan didn’t make it to school yesterday because he couldn’t rouse himself, he took a nap in the afternoon which he never does, and I’m conking out at 8:00pm, sleeping through the night, struggling to get up in the morning, and I’m still tired throughout the day. We all also have scratchy throats and persistent coughs left over, but otherwise, the rest of the symptoms (fever, headaches, body aches, chills) have abated, thank goodness. Last week sucked. COVID sucks. This COVID fatigue is no joke, and everyone is telling me to expect it to hang around for a couple of weeks. Ugh. I just want to be over it and better and back to my normal energy levels! I’m well enough that I can’t sleep all the time, but I don’t have nearly enough energy to do all the things I need to do and the things I want to do. House. Cats. School. That’s all that’s getting done, and I’m feel like I’m run completely ragged just doing those routine things. Thank god we only have a few fosters right now, and no exceptional cases that require specialized care. I’m just so tired. It’s all I can do to stay awake until bedtime. I’m actually blogging right now to avoid falling asleep. *yawn*

Get your vaccines, guys. Get the boosters. Wear masks. Wash your hands. Limit where you go and what you touch. Protect yourselves and each other.

♥ Jenn
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