I am still standing.

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I am not the same person I was when I shuttered my blog. And when I shuttered my blog, I had no idea I would be shuttering it for nearly five years. Back in those days, I was already beating myself up for going five days without blogging. I couldn’t imagine spending years without a blog.

Yet, somehow, I did. And I am still standing. I am still standing after a lot of changes, both good and bad; and after a lot of trauma, as well as after a lot of, and during more of, therapy and deep soul-searching.

In the last five years I have experienced emergency surgeries, familial strife, both the gaining and loss of friendships, situationships, homelessness, the loss of everything I own, living in shelters and even living on the street, jail, psychiatric wards, rehab, how wonderful human beings can be to one another and how terrible human beings can be to one another, and the shedding of enough tears of anguish to drown the world.

But I am still standing.

♥ Jenn
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