Thots and prayers

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Our SUV, our only vehicle, is currently at a local mechanic for diagnosis and repair. The vehicle, a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT, is overheating, with cabin area that intermittently blows cold air even when set to hot, and gives off an odor of hot/burnt antifreeze.

My brother, A, is a certified automotive service technician, and he has graciously done the following in an attempt to fix the problem:

  • multiple coolant system bleeds
  • multiple coolant system flushes
  • replaced thermostat
  • replaced water pump
  • Additionally, Dan used a heater core bypass kit to completely bypass the vehicle’s heater core, in case it was the culprit.

Unfortunately, the problem persists. The only temporary “fix” was to revv the engine to 2500-3000 RPMs, which seemed to get the water pump moving and coolant system “activated” enough to cool the engine down.

The vehicle was already at another mechanic, who promptly ignored us telling him bleeds and flushes had been done, bled the coolant system yet again, lied about driving the vehicle around town (because if he had, it would have promptly overheated on him), then charged us $130 for the “work” and assuring us the problem had been fixed. Yeah. I’m not happy about that.

At this point we’re looking at a head gasket, or god forbid a cracked engine block. Thoughts, thots, and prayers and good vibes and all of it that it’s a head gasket, because that is something my brother can replace on his own.

♥ Jenn
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